The North East

To the North East

Comprising; Fishponds, Easton, Greenbank, St Werburghs, Stapleton and Snuff Mills.

Arguably the most recently gentrified part of town, with an ever increasing range of coffee shops, but its long standing eclectic ethnic mix, especially in Easton, make it a vibrant and interesting district, with some great pubs, including The Plough, The Sugar Loaf, The Farm, as well as a local community centre and a public swimming pool. There are busy shopping areas on St Marks Road and Stapleton Road, the places to go for sampling foods from around the world. Comprising mainly Victorian housing. Between Fishponds and Easton is Eastville Park, another of Bristol’s lovely parks, which leads along the river bank to Snuff Mills. St Werburghs has a climbing centre (a converted church), allotments and a city farm and some great pubs. Fishponds has a bustling shopping district, with great bus links into the city centre. There is easy access onto the Bristol to Bath cycle path.

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